How to Start Your Own Blog: [A Step By Step Guide]


Start your own blog is a brilliant way to begin a business. It can work as your single factor of web business. Or you can use a blog to promote your business and praise a website. Regardless, beginning your very own blog is a thrilling adventure. This is also way of earn money online. Here’s how to get started.

Choose your platform

There are various blog platforms. To start your own blog, you have to select one platform. For example, WordPress is possibly the most famous running a blog platform. It’s free, convenient to use and pretty convenient to adjust to suit any needs. Spend some time reviewing the quite a number running a blog platforms. Check out Blogger, WordPress and TypePad. They’re the three most popular. Also, if you already have a website, discover out what your internet site host provides. Some furnish WordPress or their personal running a blog platform.


What are you blogging about?

This is the enjoyable part. Well, honestly it’s all fun. However, determining what your weblog is going to be about can be pretty creative. When finding out what your weblog is going to be about, attempt to be specific.

For example, if you’re running a blog about pets, that is pretty broad. However, if you’re running a blog about breeding puppies, that’s extra specific. Unless you’re running a blog for self-gratification, you possibly prefer visitors. Visitors have a tendency to return to blogs that are on precise subjects that enchantment to their interests. This takes us to the subsequent step…

Why are you blogging?

In most instances, people  blog due to the fact they favors to earn online money. Perhaps you’re the usage of your weblog as the basis for your digital media business. Perhaps you’re promoting your current business. Before you complete any of the different steps, figure out why you’re blogging. What’s the motive for your blog?

Set up your own blog

In this step you’ll pick your area name. You’ll pick out hosting. And you’ll pick out a weblog template for your platform. WordPress provides heaps of hundreds of templates. You can additionally rent a web designer to create a customized template for you. Or you can appoint a web designer to customize a template.

Another choice is to really pick out a template that suits your needs, motive and personality. Then employ a fashion designer to create a customized header and/or brand for your blog.

You’ll additionally regulate your blog settings in this step. For example, you can figure out how many posts are proven on your touchdown page. You can additionally figure out what the weblog hyperlinks appear like. You may also additionally desire to set up plug-ins and prompt widgets to match your blog needs. Common plug-ins assist optimize your blog for the search engines. They additionally decrease junk mail comments. Plug-ins in reality can in shape simply about any want you would possibly have for your blog.

Start your own blog writing

You’re now equipped to begin blogging. First, figure out if you’re going to have any pages on your blog. An instance of a blog web page would possibly be an “About Me” page.

One of the super matters about running a blog is that you can add plug-ins, SEO, widgets and trade the template diagram to suit your altering needs. They’re infinitely customizable. You can add buying carts, membership sites, product catalogues, video and audio.

Congratulations on starting your own blog. To your success!

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